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If you're interested in upgrading your security with a new video surveillance system, you'll want an expert to install it properly. American Wireless Alarm specializes in designing, installing and servicing CCTV systems, home audio systems and surround sound systems. We'll send an inspector to your property and recommend the best places to install cameras. The latest AWAI CCTV has some of the most advanced features in the world with the latest human and vehicle classification technology. Download the brochure to learn more.

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Why should you install security cameras?

The benefits of a security camera system can't be overstated. Having a video surveillance system in place can:

  • Help prevent theft and shoplifting
  • Give you a little extra peace of mind
  • Aid police if anything happens to your property

With a few extra eyes watching over your property, you can deter potential shoplifters and make your employees and customers feel more comfortable. Contact us today to schedule your security camera system installation.